My 47 Sedan Delivery – the road to paint before w.o.w

There seems to be a mad Misfit dash for World of Wheels.   In the next 2 weeks we should see my 47 Sedan Delivery in paint and Rudy’s 34 coupe with a fresh engine.  I dont have pics of Rudys progress so this is a progress report on mine (plus he was busy working with Mark and Myself all day today so he didnt get much done).

I started DA’ing down my car last weekend and dropped it off at Marks place during the week where it will get some body work magic and coat of color on it.  This morning it was an early start, breakfast with Rudy & Mark (it was still dark outside so thats before the butt crack of dawn!) and then we got busy and the body working/sanding began in earnest.   Pics below of Mark and Rudy working on the car this morning and then the car at the end of the day.  I dont think the pics convey the amount of work that was done on the car today.  The chev has been around the block and has seen some colors in its life.  A big thank you to Mark and Rudy as there is no way I would be getting the 47 in paint without their help.

Tucker bought Chili and Guinness (perfect!) over in the afternoon.

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