The Misfits Hot Rod and Kustom Car Social Club                 Est.1958

Based in Kansas City and the surrounding area.


Purpose and direction of the Misfits Hot Rod and Kustom Car and Social Club is to enjoy the fun and friendship of cars with a minimum of rules and organization of others.

Qualifications for Membership

  • Ownership of (or at least know where one is located) one or more pre 1965 vehicles.
  • Said vehicle must be modified (just in primer counts) in a traditional manner.
  • Members must agree to strickly abide by the bylaws set forth herein.


The following bylaws shall be considered as absolute, un-amendable, and “etched instone”, unless a member or members can consider the offending laws as non-existent.

Club Meetings

  • A club meeting shall be deemed as officially in session when two or more members find themselves engaged in drinking of any kind.
  • No attempt shall be made to formally require the assembly of the entire membership for a meeting or any other function.  Such a demand will be considered insulting and should be unnecessary.

Club Officers

  • All club members shall hold the title of club president.
  • The biggest guy will be the Sargent-at-arms.
  • A treasurer is not needed because no one has any money any way.

Membership Limitations

There shall be no less than two members.  Should the official club roster fall below two qualified members, the club shall be considered disbanded!  Yeah, bet me!

Dues and Fines

  • There shall be no club dues (however there is a $5,000 fee to quit the club), but hey, if we kick you out… its free!
  • Fines are appropriated to the offense and shall be levied at the discretion of the club president.  NOTE: Club presidents are exempt from any form of fine, judgment or censure.

Club Uniform

  • The official club uniform is the Misfits t-shirt or jacket or any shirt with Misfits logo on it, worn in concert with any other garments that cover the area commonly known as the “private parts”.
  • Club shirts, stickers etc remain the property of the club and shall return to the clubs possession upon the resignation, termination, cancellation or degradation of a member.  Said member (hereafter referred to as “loser”) will be reimbursed for the value of their Misfits related material.  Yeah, right!