The road to paint – day 2

The plan was to get the 47 in primer by the end of the day.  When I arrived at Marks, he had already started and to my eye I thought we’d be in primer by lunch time.  But Mark has this uncanny ability to run his hand over something and find a ridge, valley, ding or nirgle (I think that was the phrase he used?  It’s either a technical body trade term or  a one he made up so I would repeat it in public, probably at a car show and people would just stare at me and mutter “dont worry hes foreign”:) ).  Rudy was helping out again (my car is thankful but apologizes to his flat head motor) and Gary stopped by to be assigned masking duties.

I have to admit I’m excited to get the car painted – its been a lot of work and this is the icing.  Anyway, the morning reminded me when I was a kid going on holiday and dad would tell me our cool and exciting destination was right around the next corner…  It takes a while to get there but the wait is well worth it!   That last corner came and the primer hit the Sedan Delivery.  It already looks so much better being one solid color.  I cant wait for that light pink satin to cover the body.  Pics below – there are some gray circles/splotches in the photos of the car in primer that are not real.  The paint dust played tricks on the camera.

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