Cory 32 Roadster Update 3/12/2012

From Cory:

Not to bore you guys with more photos, but here are a few from when we took the car out Sunday.  The weather was nice, and we put probably 40 miles on the car.  It did real well, except it did let us down at the end.  The carbs got starved of fuel.  I’m thinking either some junk got in the filter and limited fuel flow, or it vapor locked.  By the time the rollback dropped it off at the house (about an hour after it quit on us), it cranked for a while and finally started up.

I’m going to pull the fuel filter tomorrow to see how it looks.  If it’s clean, I bought some black heat sleeve/wrap to slide on the fuel line where it runs behind the block and above the exhaust.  Other than that issue, the car has been doing great……rides nice, steers nice, and that stroker motor has a real nice torque curve.


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  1. displacedkiwi says:

    Cory if the black heat sleeve doesnt work, see Tucker for some wooden clothes pegs 🙂

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