SK500 – plus rain – minus hubcap

I think overall, we gained some rain water and lost a hubcap on the adventure that was the Stray Kat 500 in Dewey on the first weekend in May. As usual it was a great show. Turn out was slightly down. But considering all the crap weather & flooding in the midwest leading up to the event, it was a good turnout and imho just the right amount of cars. The town was full, but not overflowing.

Friday, I had been burning the midnight oil working on the sedan delivery (made new interior panels) and general prep. The plan was for Jim, Gary and Billy to run down past the meatlocker to pick me up, then carry on down to Dewey. Gary blew a radiator hose on the 35. Jim helped Gary while Billy carried on to my place. So Billy and I left, I had my brother Deon with me. Stopped for Gas in Garnett and my trusty bro lost the clip on my window wiper blade, so from 1 wiper I now had none. Luckily I had some rain x type stuff that Tucker gave us at the last misfits meeting and applied that. Just past Garnett truck blew Billys hood up, luckily it stayed on the safety catch. I then managed to contact Gary who was enroute again, so pulled over and waited. Billy stopped just down the road. Gary and Jim arrived, and we left again. Got to Billy who was motionless with a missing clutch rod pin (so he had no clutch). He managed to get it patched up and we all left again. Then, oh boy, did the heavens open up and it rained cats and dogs. The sedan delivery kept on running though, but water was just pouring in. The rain x type stuff worked a treat though. We all made it down to Dewey, went to the BBQ at twotallokeys place. Later that night I caught up with Kyle and (young) Tucker.

Saturday, bought perfect weather for the show. Myself, Kyle & (young) Tucker, Jim, Gary, Billy & Nick and family were there. (slightly older) Tucker finally made it later in the afternoon and it was a great day. Best part of the weekend was (young) tuckers bravado in betting Gary that he could eat the “el diablo” sauce at the mexican restaurant we went to for dinner, faster than Gary. Well after dipping 3 tortilla chips, his eyes bulged wide open, the color fell out of his face, as did his jaw and he was done. Gary on the other hand took it like a shot, in one hit. Now we await the string of fresh fish from (young) Tucker 🙂

Sunday, drive back, I caravanned with Gary. We saw a hub cap exit his car, saw where it went into the grass on the side of the road. Did a u-ey and after 20 mins of searching, could not find the sucker! Who knows where the hell it went, but it should have been an easy find. Lucky Gary said he had a spare, so although its annoying, its not the end of the world.

photos en mass…

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