Salina KKOA 2014

Wow, where to start. It was a really good weekend. My enthusiasm for Salina had been waning of late, but was worth the trip. Representing were Rudy, Jim, Grumpy, John, Jay, Kevin, Jeff, Tim #2, Tim #3, myself and a new guy for the weekend whose name I just cannot remember.

Heres the summary:
It seems that I have turned into Gary… cause I am always 15 minutes late!

It was, as the weather lady said “very hot today” and they fill up the park with cars (not as many spectators this year)

The Misfits now has a Social Croquet Club, being run by Jeff

Knuckleheads is no more, its now called The Pour House and they still dont sell Guinness

John will be duking it out with Tucker for the clothes pegs award

Kevin (from Alan Groves) has his bucket / gow job / special on the road and it looks damn good

Grumpy treed me on our way back from the steak house – it was a fun drive back and luck was with us as we had no run ins with the fuzz

The Sedan Delivery is now an art deco furniture delivery vehicle

There seemed to be a lot of new cars there this year and the trouble with looking at all the cool Kustoms and Rods on display, is you get ideas and want to change direction on your current build…

If your wondering why there are so many pics of that 32 (?) chevy circle track car, it has a 261 in it. With an interesting carb setup and you know me and carbs!

A lot of pics. From KKOA show on Fri/Sat and Fri night at Calvin Customs who put on a great feed, beer and live band

The extremely customized blue coupe is a 38 Studebaker

Anything else that could be on the summary list, well you had to be there 🙂

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  1. Rudy says:

    For you who don’t know New Zealand language, clothes pegs are really clothes pins.

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