Jims 1953 Chevy Coupe being chopped in 1995 by Ray

** updated  with more pictures from Ray **

A couple of weeks ago Jim showed me an album containing photos of his 1953 Chevy Coupe being chopped in 1995 (during the OJ trial) by “Radical” Ray. I have scanned them in and named them so they should display in order, from the stock car, the decision process, the chop and finishing up – all from 1995. I have added a couple of pictures I have taken of Jims car in its present state so you can see the completed car – one from BB’s 2009 and one from Greaserama 2010.

They decided how much to chop the car by marking inch apart lines on the roof, taking a photo, cutting the photo based on the lines, taping the photo back together, then deciding how many inches the chop would be. There are “cut” photos for 2.5 and 3 inches.

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…

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