Greaserama Fairgrounds

We’d had some rain during the week and the forecast was calling for a chance during the weekend, but it didn’t happen on the Saturday and it was a great day. I took the 49 coupe along (and made it home again!). Drove around 200 miles between Friday and Saturday, which isn’t too bad. The Los Punkrodders put on a great event and I probably say it every year, but its a huge task and kudos to them. There were a few cars I hadn’t seen before and there seemed to be more gassers than usual (I wonder if they are trending back? – doesn’t matter – they were cool to see). Cliff was there with his A coupe and Tucker came for the morning. Not the usual large misfits turnout this year… but for those that didn’t make it, I snapped one or two-one hundred and twenty three pics 🙂

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