Dewey OK 2011 – The Straykat 500 – warning a lot of photos!

Well the Dewey event was hyped up a lot before I went.  Everyone said it was a great show, but sometimes the weather can get a bit rough.  I normally find that things in life that are hyped up are a let down.  Dewey was not a let down!  I think its the best car show I have ever been too.

It was a nice drive down on Friday and back on Sunday.  Weather was good, lots of super cool cars, venue that seemed like a perfect size, relaxed atmosphere & a 55 cent margarita special where we ate Dinner on Saturday night!  Rudy, Grumpy, Nick & Gene and myself traveled down together and met On the Porch down there.  I think we all came back separately.  I went out to my car on Sunday morning just after 7am and there was a note on it “Ricki.  If you guys have any problems give me a call.  See Ya!” left by Rudy (he probably left it at 5am after he’d had breakfast, read the paper, gone for a jog and done some pilates 🙂 ).  Being forewarned about GMT time (Grumpy Morning Time… Its later than you think!) We’d agreed that I wouldn’t wait, so I could get back for Mothers day.  Rudy did have brownie points in the bank as he’d gone way before any of us on Saturday morning and reserved us the coolest spot in the park, under a big tree.  It seriously was about 20 degrees cooler than any other spot in the downtown area and made the day pretty damn pleasant.

Heres a dump of all the photos I took on my cellphone.  Over 100 of them so sit back and relax…

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