Corys new ride 1940 Ford Sedan

Cory has bought a super nice survivor 1940 Ford Sedan. I am looking forward to following the progress. The 32 was done to a very high standard and this is going down a similar path. (Message to Pops – start to download this, then go make a pot of coffee, maybe a toasted sandwich, read the paper, go out on the porch and check the weather, then come back and wait for the internet to finish loading!)

From Cory:

The history that we from Dick Spadaro (who we got it from), was that the car was purchased new in Lebanon, OH at Wharton Motors by Howard Gorman. The car was passed down through the family for three generations and 68 years. The last service tag on the door jam is dated in 1958 for a tune up and chassis lubrication. Dick Spadaro bought the car from the Gorman/Cradler family at auction in 2007. That makes us the 3rd owner of the car, and it’s currently shy of 53,000 miles. The car is completely original and untouched for the exception of a passenger tail light that was added for safety by the Gorman/Cradler family. Being a V8-60, the car was equipped from Ford with some parts that are cool (and valuable today). It has a tube axle, and 16×3.5″ wheels (1/2″ narrower that the regular wheel in 1940).

The car won’t be changed too much. It has a Stewart Warner Southwind gas heater in it, that seems to work (so no need to add a hot water heater). The V8-60 engine, which runs well for what it is, is coming out for an 85hp engine to replace it. H&H Flathead is currently building an identical engine to what is in my roadster – 284ci motor that makes 195hp. Fortunately for 1940 V8-60 vehicles only, the transmission case and gear ratios are the same for a 85hp engine. I just have to swap in the radiator for an 85hp engine (which I picked up from Baxter last week), and change the 4.44 R&P gear to something much higher. I’ll be adding some sort of post transmission overdrive too. I’m hoping that I’ll have enough floor clearance to use a Mitchell overdrive in the torque tube. If there isn’t enough room, I don’t want to cut to the floor so I’ll save up for a Columbia.

As for the suspension, I picked up a dropped axle last week. Eaton Detroit Springs will be making a custom, original looking, front leaf spring to help get the car lower to the ground. On the rear, I’ll have Eaton reverse the eyes and de-arch the spring. I bought Chassis Engineering shock mounts, shocks, and roll bars as well. The car currently has the stock tire size of 5.50-16. I’m going down to a 5.00/5.25-16 on the front, and a 6.50-16 on the rear to add a little rubber rake too.


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