2013 World of Wheels KC

I went to the World of Wheels with Mark and Gary on Saturday. Met up with Jim and of course partook in the obligatory pitcher (plural) of Margarita at “Loose Stools”.
Ray, Grumpy and Jim had their cars in the show in the Calvalcade of Customs. Their cars all looked good in the display. Overall its a good show, but there seemed to be less traditional cars their this year, and I thought there were more 60’s cars in attendance than normal in the main part.
Gene Winfield was there chopping a Ford Convertible (in the photo I took its a young guy doing the work. Gene was sitting behind the merchandise table).

The Punk Rodders put together a tribute to Ray decal, showing the La Jolla, and were selling them for $5 each. All proceeds goto Ray. Its an awesome gesture and kudos to the Punk Rodders. I talked to Eric and he said when he told the person they use for their graphic work what it was for, he didnt charge them for the decals, a real tribute to Ray and how the KC community feels about him.

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