Letter from Emmitt – Snooky Janich 1941 Ford

Dear Sirs

I enjoy reading about different cars and builders of the past.  Recently an article in your magazine and a few others had some incorrect information.  I am referring to the Snooky Janich 1941 Ford.  I know articles are written from information supplied by the owners.  But, just a few things were incorrect.

The latest owners of the car – The Mallory Brothers didnt know the car existed in 1973 as quoted in the article.  I really didnt know when I bought it that it was a Barris car.  A friend of ours Rudy Richardson told the Mallory’s that I had it and they wanted to buy it.  This may have been sometime in 1976.  I had to wait until 1976 to get an antique title since KS, specifys 35 years to be titled an antique.  It was in my garage at the time.  Not being ready for the crusher.  I had bought the car in Bonner Springs, KS.

It was just in the past few years they come over to have me sign the title.  Dont know why we didnt do it at the time.  Wonder who notorized it.  Luckily I kept the skirts and spotlights.  This is just to set the record straight.


Emmit L Graham

Merriam, KS

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