Marks 1946 Ford – Done – Bring on the next project!

Mark has finished the 1946 Ford.  Hood is on, interior is completed and the new paint has had the spit and polish.  Subtle custom touches to the body (I would spoil it by just telling you what has been done!).  The engine is the stock flathead, 39 Ford trans (for the floor shift), stock rear end.  Lowered with new wheels and tires.  Pin striping outside and inside – check out the pin striping on the rims.  Interior completely redone.  Its ready for World of Wheels 2011 in KC.

Pics were taken a week or so ago before the big snow dump we now have.  I took a vote with myself and my dog.  We decided that we will setup an auto cross course in the vacant lot across the road from Bilski’s tonight and the 46 will be available for any Misfit to fine tune their snow driving skills.  Dont worry about hitting anything, I know a good body man 🙂

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  1. TnA Flathead says:

    Looks good Mark

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